Determination of the dynamic effect of moving loads on roadway concrete bridges


Short abstract

The aim of this research project is the dynamic impact of moving loads in roadway reinforced concrete bridges, used to determine the size of traffic loads, which is most often introduced through the so-called dynamic amplification factor (DAF). The dynamic amplification factor shows how many times the impacts from the static action of the load increase. The dynamic amplification factor depends on several parameters: bridge geometry and span, road surface condition, the velocity of moving vehicles, the weight, and the number of axles of the vehicles and vehicle position. In addition to the above parameters, the intensity of the dynamic amplification factor also depends on the methods used for its determination. From the database of the above parameters, collected from the examination of a large number of bridge structures, the aim is to form clusters of results to generate a metamodel for predicting the DAF, without previously performing dynamic proof load tests on new bridges.



  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, North Macedonia


  • Data gathering from dynamic proof load testing of new, reinforced concrete bridges on the Express Road Stip-Radovish, North Macedonia - in procedure