Interaction between post-installed and cast-in-place reinforcement bars in concrete-to-concrete connections


Connections with post-installed reinforcing bars are reliable solutions to repair, strengthen or extend reinforced concrete structures. The post-installed bars are placed into hardened concrete after drilling tasks and bonded to the borehole concrete surfaces with qualified anchoring mortars that ensure an equivalent bond behavior as cast-in-place reinforcing bars. Modern anchoring mortars achieve high shear stresses in short bond length. This leads to the opportunity to shorten the anchoring length and reduce installation efforts, optimizing time and effort in the practical construction.
In this research project, the focus is set on the interaction between post-installed and cast-in place reinforcing bars. Scientific methods in experiments and theory are applied to investigate optimized solutions for lap-splices considering the bearing behavior at service and ultimate load. Innovative testing equipment and measuring techniques are applied to experimentally analyze relevant coupled mechanisms and parameters. Experimental findings are compared with numerical simulations to derive response surfaces for holistic interpolations and extrapolations. Findings should lead to recommendations, design and application aids for lap splices in connections between existing and new concrete elements.


José Croppi M. Sc.